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Wellness For Her is a holistic health coaching service, brought to life by ​Caela Bennett, which honours the essence of what it means to be ​transformed and fulfilled in mind, body, and spirit. These three ​elements are interconnected, and true nourishment thereof is highly ​individualised; what works for one person may not necessarily work for ​another. Finding what works best for YOU and then living in alignment ​with it is the secret to real transformation and living a balanced and, ​most importantly, content life.

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Create a Path To Healing that Aligns With You

Vision and Mission

My mission here is to help women navigate the noise of the world of wellness; ​abolish old; damaging narratives they have about themselves on who they ​should be; and then empower them to reconnect to their intuitive and self-​respecting selves on their own terms.

I guide women through an exclusively tailored process to find their own unique ​method for attaining self-love and wellness in every area of their lives (namely ​health, physical activity, career, relationships, and spirituality). My tools equip ​my clients to make sustainable lifestyle and dietary changes with personalised ​solutions; the “one-size fits all” notion is a fallacy, and I hope to drive it into ​oblivion as we reframe the definition of true health.

My Coaching Process

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The foundation of healing starts with turning ​inward. Cultivating a sense of self-awareness ​illuminates what really triggered your issues. ​Together, we will pinpoint patterns and ​uncover who you are, how you think, why you ​behave the way you do, your relationship with ​yourself and your environment, and the ​limiting beliefs or blocks you have that have ​prevented you from making the lifestyle ​changes you desire.

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Reframe + Realign

After some self-discovery, we will begin to get ​clear on what your best and healthiest self ​looks like. Through different techniques, we ​will change the old story you have about ​yourself into a new one that reflects your ​ideal reality. We will identify how to bridge the ​gap between where you are now and where ​you want to be.

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Finally, we will set measurable goals and ​assemble an individualised action plan that ​will encourage healthy and sustainable ​behaviours and habits. Your best self and ​desires will come to life in your external ​environment because you have done the work ​to heal your internal one. Trusting yourself ​again is a guaranteed outcome.



The most significant change I have noticed since working with Caela is that my

confidence has definitely built up a lot more! I am still working towards my goal of

letting go of my people pleasing habit, but my improved ability to practise self-love and has ​definitely made me handle it better.

I would recommend Caela to anyone who is in need of guidance on how to deal with their

anxiety, daily lifestyle habits, and confidence. Caela also has a lot of knowledge on women

who struggle with their hormones, PCOS (like myself), eating habits, and gut health. She has

not only helped me in many ways to achieve my goals, but she has helped me understand my issues ​better and has given me useful knowledge to move forward!

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